Photography Competition

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  • 1. Why would you like to win? (choose one)
    • I love photography
    • Time for an update
    • I think it's important to capture my family in print
    • I did professional photos for my first child
    • We have never had professional family photos taken
    • I never win anything
  • 2. What type of photography are you interested in?
    • Studio
    • Location
    • Both
  • 3. Who would join you in your photography experience?
    • My family
    • Just me
    • Kids only
    • Extended family
    • My partner
  • 4. What's most important to you?
    • Good customer service & excellent experience
    • Location of studio
    • Quality and range of products
    • Cost
  • 5. in 25 words or less, I would really love to win because....

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